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Maintenance and support of a website on Wix or Editor X

We collaborate with entrepreneurs, colleagues and agencies to improve the quality of sites on Wix

Entrepreneur? Delegate!

Free up time for business development by delegating to the wix2b team on a regular basis the task of updating a business site created in Wix or Editor X.

Web designer, PR & SMM agency? Collaborate!

We will join the project at any stage, we will provide specialist services for finalization, content, web design or setting up new functions and marketing integrations for the site.

A dreamer who creates something new? Launch your project faster!

Intensive support of the full cycle for a quick launch of the project in the digital space. Web design, integrations, backend, Velo on Wix and Editor X platforms.

Collaboration on your terms

A comfortable format of cooperation depending on the specifics of the business, the scope of tasks and the required specialists for the functional support of the site or launching a project on Wix and Editor X

Weekly support

When tasks appear periodically

on request

We will begin to solve the problem within 1-2 hours. Correspondence in e-mail.

accompaniment from 4 weeks

Daily support


When there are many ongoing tasks

on request

We will begin to solve the problem within 1 hour. Correspondence in e-mail.

support from 2 weeks

Endless Escort

When you are working on a big project

on request

Daily work on weekdays, we start solving problems within 30 minutes.

Correspondence in e-mail and instant messengers.

We work on the project every day until 8 o'clock

The redesign of the landing page was done very quickly and efficiently. All comments and wishes were taken into account. Answered all questions and sent all detailed instructions on how to continue to use it yourself. Absolutely satisfied!

Investment and financial company "Partner"

Programming, setting up marketing tools, updating content, and more.

Facebook CAPI

Обработка изображений

Wix Booking

Оптимизация мобильной версии сайта

Комплексный аудит SEO

Калькулятор на Wix

Анимации на сайте

Программирование фильтров

Настройка магазина Wix Stores

Настройка платежей

Instagram магазин Wix Store

Подключение домена

SEO-настройка сайта

Форма—квиз на Wix

Настройка CRM

Личный кабинет

Загрузка товаров

Подключение почтового ящика

Исправление верстки

Исправление ошибок навигации

Подключение к поиску

Создание рассылки


Интеграция внешних сервисов с Wix

How we organize the work on supporting your project

We work on your tasks on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00 Moscow time.

We solve problems as they come in - one by one - in chronological order. After completing the current task, we will move on to the next one in order.

We start processing and implementing the task within an average of one hour (the maximum time is 2 hours from the moment the task is received).

The work and time log is available in Google Sheets format from the first day of work.

After completing the task, we will write a letter: please confirm the completion of the task so that we can move on to the next one.

On the infinite plan, you will have access to a Trello board for tracking tasks.

We will not be able to roll over the remaining unused amount of work to the next day, week or month.

At the same time, if you have not set a single task in the paid period, we will extend the service for the same period.

If the task turns out to be voluminous according to the results of the assessment, we will offer to divide it into several smaller tasks and perform them sequentially.

How to arrange tasks

Each task must be written in a separate letter and sent to our service email address.


If you use "Endless support", then you can send in the messenger.

You can use the name or the essence of the task as the subject of the letter - this will make it easier for us to correspond with you.

Since a separate ticket is automatically created for each letter with a task, correspondence within the same task must be carried out in response messages within the same thread.

We expect from you a clear, concise and unambiguous description of the task without value judgments or comparative abstract characteristics of the intended result (for example, “do better”, “good, not bad”, etc.)

Task materials can be attached as files to the letter or as links to cloud storages.


Texts must be provided in text format, media files must comply with the requirements of the platform.

For tasks related to the correction of technical errors of the site or layout errors, it is necessary to attach screenshots of the error, describe what the error is and clarify the algorithm for the correct operation of the module or the correct display of the site element.

As a task, we will not be able to accept questions about the operation of a particular platform tool. If such a question arises, then most likely you need advice - write to,we will offer a suitable option

Also, as a task, we will not be able to accept general requests such as “make a website redesign”, “create a landing page”, etc. - to solve these problems, you may need a web design and website creation service - write to uswix@wix2b.comwe will help.

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