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Sites with a unique design and functionality of varying complexity for micro, small and medium-sized businesses from an official Wix level partner legend*

* Over 50 commercial projects, priority support and a personal manager from Wix

Creation and maintenance of sites on the Wix and Editor X platforms

Our selected projects

Guaranteed for your success

We are trusted by the owners of production facilities and managers of large companies to implement their projects

wix2b - Official Wix Legend Partner
We are certified developers on the Velo by Wix platform
Over 90+ projects on the Wix Marketplace with a maximum customer rating of 5.0
The redesign of the landing page was done very quickly and efficiently. All comments and wishes were taken into account. Answered all questions and sent all detailed instructions on how to continue to use it yourself. Absolutely satisfied!

Investment and financial company "Partner"

Everything is possible on Wix

We know and use all the features of the platform, thanks to which your site will be convenient, beautiful and functional

Many thanks for wix2b for the work they are doing! Very good and fast communication.

They can give you some good advices on how to properly manage your web site and the same time he takes into account all your wishes - they're doing the all the best available to meet the customer's expectations and meet with your budget and tech abilities.
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Arkady Ivanov,

CEO Thercon

Comfortable cooperation with clear stages of project implementation

We discuss the terms, stages and budget “on the shore”. We work under a contract or an offer - whichever is more convenient for you. We exchange electronic closing documents in "Diadoc" to save your time.

A pleasant process ensures an effective result

We use a flexible approach in development: without code - where speed is important, and with programming - where individual functions are needed

Functional solutions to maximize opportunities within budget

We provide the ability to make simple and quick changes to the site and convenient support for a web resource or web service

How do we do it so cool

No kidding, you will hardly find the same level of customer service among aggregators and contractors on the Wix Marketplace.

Schedule a conversation with a wix2b expert

Finding a budget solution

Achieve your goals by reasonable means

Collaborate the way you want

We work with individuals, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

We work under a contract

We conclude an agreement for long-term projects or an invoice-agreement for quick projects and turnkey improvements

Flexible approach to development

No-code, low-code and Velo development for functional solutions

Site maintenance and project management

We support and take part in the development of projects after launch

Customer service

We take care of deadlines, prepare accompanying materials, advise and train

Our new projects

Web design that lives and works on Wix


We make landings, online stores, corporate websites and other projects

Разработка структуры сайта

Написание текстов

Разработка цветовой схемы

Исправление вёрстки

Комплексный аудит SEO

Интернет-магазин Wix Stores

Анимации на сайте

Создание рассылки

Разработка дизайна

Разработка логотипа

Настройка динамических страниц

Подключение домена

SEO-настройка сайта

Wix Bookings

Калькулятор для Wix-сайта

Настройка приема платежей

Формирование тз

Подбор шрифотовой пары

Создание сайта на Wix

Исправление ошибок навигации

Подключение к поиску

Создание сайта на Editor X

Оптимизация мобильной версии

Интеграция внешних сервисов с Wix

Migrating a WordPress site to Wix

Transferring the site from Wordpress to Wix "as is" with the optimization of the structure and content to increase conversions